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Types of Programs: On Demand


Provide list of companies and we'll generate leads from them exclusively.

Firmagraphic Targeting:

Provide a list of your criteria like company size, location, etc and we'll only generate leads that meet that criteria.

Hybrid Programs Targeting:

Filters + ABM

Single Touch Opt-in Leads:

Engaged with 1 content piece

Double Touch Opt-in Leads:

Engaged with 2 content pieces

HQL / SQL Initiatives:

Custom questions for deeper profiling

Types of Programs: Full Funnel Programs

Full Funnel Programs Always On Pipeline Engine

How our campaigns work

Email opt-in

We use your content to generate first-party compliant opt-ins through 1:1 email campaigns to our in-house database.

Quality control

Our QC team matches all leads against your campaign parameters, then verifies data accuracy on LinkedIn and Google.

B2B leads

Expect regular deliveries of B2B decision makers that fit your target criteria and opted in to receive more of your content.

Additional stakeholders

Get up to 5 additional members of the buying committee identified and passed along with each lead.

Get the benefits of a partner that never sources leads from a third party

Better pricing

Avoid a markup on leads by buying them straight from the source

Higher quality

Ensure you are getting 1st Party opt-ins who have engaged with your team’s content

Full compliance

Make sure your team is 100% compliant

How we eliminate your risk

You will be sent a one question survey at the end of each campaign, “Were you satisfied with your campaign?"
Mark “Yes” and we move forward with driving pipeline. Mark “No” and we part ways without invoicing you for the campaign.

Content creation services

New content incorporated into programs