Pipeline as a Service

Create demand for your solutions, fill your pipeline with first-party compliant B2B decision makers ready for nurture, and only pay if you’re happy with the results

Focus on what matters, results

There’s too much noise in the market

Content syndication, intent data, first party, third party, demand gen, lead gen, and more…  

When evaluating lead programs, you are constantly put in the position of trying to determine which method will work best.

Cut through the noise

The 2XPAND Guarantee helps you focus on achieving success, however you define it.

The guarantee is simple – you only pay if you’re satisfied with the results. You’ll be sent a simple “Yes” or “No” survey after your campaigns: 

  • “Yes” = move forward with driving growth
  • “No” = ask for feedback and nothing will be charged

What we do to deliver on our guarantee


We are generators, not aggregators. This allows us to deliver high quality at a fair price.

intelligent intent targeting

Our AI-powered technology makes sense out of all engagements to identify true, actionable intent.

Best in class service

Need to get in touch with our team? We respond to any client inquiries within 2 hours.

our process

We use a 1:1 email opt-in process and a strict QA system to ensure results on all campaigns.

How our programs are structured

We follow a crawl, walk, run approach to demonstrate success before scaling to reach your goals

Proof of Concept

Crawl Initiative

Start small and let us prove out the program according to your success critera. Over the course of this low-volume campaign we’ll partner with you to see if 2XPAND is a good fit for your company.

Proof of Pilot

Walk Initiative

If you were satisfied with the crawl program, we’ll move forward with a full-fledged pilot. At this stage we’ll begin to scale up to prove that our campaigns can reliably hit achieve your goals.

Full Deployment

Run Initiative

If you decide you want to continue to drive growth with us, we’ll move to this “always on” program. Here, we’ll align to your strategic initiatives and continue to run quarter over quarter.

Tap into an audience of

65+ million B2B decision makers  

With a highly engaged audience that spans over 12 million companies across every region and vertical, you can be sure to find interested targets within your ICP. 

Get in touch

Learn how we can fill your pipeline with nurture-ready B2B decisions makers